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A Full Service Real Estate Investment Company Helping Springfield Residents Find A Home They Can Be Proud Of.

Learn about us, why we exist, and how we can help you!

About Us

We’re the best source for Springfield folks to find great, quality rental homes in the Springfield MO area. We’re constantly picking up new properties and we usually have homes available. To get our full list of rental properties just click here.

Here at Creative Investments LLC our focus is simple. Find and purchase great houses in and around Springfield, fix them up, and offer them to people in Springfield as a clean, safe rental home at a price that they can afford.

Our Important Role In Our Local Real Estate Market

We help stabilize neighborhoods all around Springfield by fixing up problem homes, matching up properties with the people who will care for them as their own, and form lasting relationships based on the values of integrity and accountability.

We saw the impact the 2008 housing crash and financial crisis was having in our communities and could not set by and watch as sellers had no options, houses fell into disrepair, and hard earned equity evaporated out of entire neighborhoods.  That’s why we took action, and started Creative Investments LLC 10 years ago.

Since then we’ve helped ensure that homes around Springfield stay occupied – with people who care for their house and neighborhood.

We are proud to invest in our community and intend to continue doing our part to make sure it can grow and stay healthy.