Preventative Maintenance is really the key to efficient home maintenance, so we want to highlight it here and give you a clear definition of what we mean by Preventative Maintenance.  The idea is that by routinely inspecting systems and components you will notice issues early and PREVENT more costly maintenance events in the future, thereby saving both yourself and us time and money.  The best practice for inspecting systems and their components is while cleaning.  To be clear, Preventative Maintenance means cleaning and inspections.  As you routinely clean the home and its components take the take the time to inspect for any signs of potential damage or problems that may be on the horizon.  Living in your home over time will allow you to know your homes components and systems better than us.  By having a sharp awareness and keeping things clean and adjusted you will quickly notice when something is not working like it should or normally does.  If it is a simple fix to tighten, tune, and adjust then now is always the time.  Read the commonly found scenarios below. If it is beyond your understanding or ability, then scroll down and fill out a Maintenance Request.   We rely on YOU to be AWARE and either remedy the situation or notify us promptly.  For more information download our Handy Maintenance Guide here.

Before filling out a Maintenance Request form below, check out the following issues and how to best handle them:

EMERGENCIES – demands a phone call to ensure the quickest possible communication and should be made promptly regardless of the time of day or night, 24-7-365.

Criminal Activity

Any criminal activity or damage to the property demands immediate notification.  If you are ever in danger contact the Police or proper authorities first; if you are not in danger, call us first so we can determine how best to proceed.


Call 911 first!! Then call us!

Wind, Hail, Tornados, and Storm Damage

Unfortunately, this is a relatively common occurrence in Missouri and you should also know where in your house is the best spot to take cover and have a plan.  If you have any damage from a storm or if there has been hail larger than a dime, please call us promptly.

Our rule of thumb for fallen limbs is if you can dispose of them without a chainsaw it is your responsibility; if not, then make a non-emergency Maintenance Request below and we will have them removed.

Flooding and Pipes

Acts of God – If the flooding is from rain and you have a sump pump make sure it is working.  Sometimes the float can get stuck and just needs jiggled to get it pumping again.  You should not have water in living square footage and our basements and crawl spaces should remain relatively dry.  Call us promptly if there is an issue beyond normal.

Broken Pipes – shut off the closest valve asap!  There is usually a shut off valve under sinks and behind toilets (left is open, right is closed).  Do whatever else you can to catch or remove water as it can cause damage quickly.  If you must, turn off the water valve at the main. This may take a large wrench and is under a small metal cover in the front yard or near the sidewalk or street.  You should know where yours is at before you need to find and use it in an emergency.

Frozen Pipes – this issue is preventable: check out our Handy Maintenance Guide for details.  Basically, keep areas with plumbing warm and remember moving water cannot freeze.  If your plumbing pipes freeze they may break and you will have an emergency as described above.   If your pipes are frozen do what you can to warm them up and get water moving and give us a call immediately.

Drains Backed Up

Roots and storm water can naturally cause drain lines to become blocked or backed up, however, drains are sensitive, and nothing should ever go down them other than normal toilet paper.  That means no ‘flushable wipes’, feminine products, toys, or kitchen grease!  If your drains are backed up, we will likely need to send out our plumbing company so go ahead and give us a call and provide details.  Do what you can to clean up if possible and immediately refrain from running water at other locations in the house.  If it is a natural issue then we take care of the bill, however, if they find toys and other things that have been put down the drain then the Tenant will be responsible for costs.

No Heating or Cooling 

This is only an emergency in extreme cold weather in winter time and extreme heat in the summer when the system is not working due to mechanical malfunction.  If you are having issues refer to our HVAC TUNE UP AND TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE and proceed as instructed prior to making a Maintenance Request.   When a Maintenance Request is required please provide as many details as possible.

No Electricity

First, check all circuit breakers by flipping them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position and be sure to reset all GFI breakers (these are the little buttons sometimes found on outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages).  When the utility company has an issue they sometime will send an automated call or have information on their answering service.  You can also check to see if the neighbors have power.  If it is not the utility company, the neighbors all have power, and you think there is a major electrical issue then give us a call.  Partial outages do not normally constitute an emergency.  If a wall switch or outlet begins to smoke or smell like it is burning, the resident should turn off the switch, turn off the circuit breaker, and make a Maintenance Request below providing the details.

Gas Leak or “Smell of Gas”

Natural gas is very safe and has the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs if it is leaking.  A pilot can blow out on a gas cook stove or a gas water heater and is rarely enough of a leak to cause a problem.  If you suspect an appliance is leaking gas, turn off the appliance and turn off the gas supply to that appliance; there should be a shut-off handle somewhere behind the appliance on the supply line.  Let things air out, turn valves on again, and light pilots.  You can also leak test gas lines with soapy water; an active leak with cause noticeable bubbling.  If you still think there is an issue or are uncertain go ahead and make a Maintenance Request below or give us a call.

Please contact us prior to contacting any utility companies.  Contacting the utility company may result in further delays and costlier repairs.

NON-EMERGENCIES – The best way to communicate non-emergencies is with a Maintenance Request below.  If you must, you can also provide the information via text or phone call during normal business hours.  Many non-emergency issues can be resolved on your own with a little patience and effort.  If you haven’t done any Preventative Maintenance in a while now is a good time to refer to our Handy Maintenance Guide for Tenants to see if a clean, adjust, and reset will take care of the issue.  If you determine you need our help please provide as many details as possible in your Maintenance Request.


Springtime in Missouri is bug season and we cannot be expected to control nature.  We do have our homes treated for termites about every 5 years and if there is an infestation of any pest type we want to know about it promptly.  However, pests would rarely constitute an emergency and are usually a problem that begins small and grows out of control due to favorable conditions existing for their survival and proliferation.  In short, make certain that the property is clean and free of anything that may be a food or shelter source for pests.  You can also eliminate most common nuisance pests with cheap products from your local Walmart or Lowe’s.  If you have made these efforts and still have an issue submit a Maintenance Request with details.

No Hot Water

First, make sure your hot water heater is clean and clear of dust, debris, and other items.  If it is gas you can look to see if the pilot is lit; it if is electric you can start by checking and re-setting breaker.  Often water heaters have instructions on them, however, if a quick clean and reset doesn’t get it fixed or you are uncomfortable then make a Maintenance Request and provide details.

Clogged Toilet

This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is only one toilet in the unit AND the resident has made every effort, including plunging, to clear the stoppage.  Lowes and Home Depot sell some simple snakes and plungers that combined with some YouTube or Google education will often get the job done.  If not, please clean up any mess and make a Maintenance Request.  Again, if the issue is Tenant caused we may have to forward the costs.

Noise Complaints

Residents should make noise complaints to the Police, then inform us during normal business hours.  We do not get involved in domestic disputes or neighborhood conflicts unless the issue threatens to cause harm to an individual or the property.  No drama please.

Locked Out

We can help.  In many cases we can get you in or change the locks free of charge.  If it is not during normal business hours or as the situation dictates there may be a charge associated with our service call.  If we are unavailable, you may need to call a locksmith but make certain we are notified and have copies of all keys for the property.

Other requests, cosmetic or otherwise

Requests regarding light bulbs, screws and other hardware that can easily be tightened, lawn care, dead batteries in smoke detectors and thermostats, etc., are examples of spurious requests and all should be handled by the Tenant. Maintenance Request Form

Maintenance Request

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