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What do you look for in a Tenant?

Our hope is to find responsible residents that we consider our long-term business partners, someone we can count on to fulfill financial responsibilities and maintain our homes in a way that preserves major systems and provides lasting value for the both of us.

What do you require for moving in?

Once you have found a home you like, drive through the area and make sure it’s a fit.  If you believe it is, give us a call and we can discuss setting up a time for you to take a look.  If you still love it, pick up an application or fill one out online.  We do run a thorough background check and it takes a minimum of 48 hours to process.  Once approved we typically require one month’s rent as a refundable security deposit, the pro-rated amount of the first months rent, and utility service should be transferred prior to moving in.

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Do you allow pets?

We much prefer not to have pets in our homes.  We all love our animals but the sad truth is that when not properly tended they can cause tremendous damage to a house.  This is a situation we cannot allow.  Aggressive animal breads and pets over 20 pounds are strictly prohibited.  Having said that, we may be able to approve small pets, with some restrictions.  We charge pet rent, which is $25 per month, per pet.  Make sure to check with us to determine whether it’s a fit.  Unauthorized pets are a direct violation of the Lease and grounds for default.


Do you allow smoking?

We understand that people sometimes smoke or vape, however, we have a strict NO SMOKING policy throughout all of our homes, including garages, porches, etc.  This includes all types of smoking and if you smoke outside be sure to keep the grounds clean!  Smoking inside even a few times will ruin the interior paint job, which can cost thousands.  This is grounds for default.


How long of a Lease do you require?

Our Leases always expire in the spring, so the length is determined by the time of the year it’s signed.  We never go to a month-to-month, so before your Lease is up we will contact you and discuss together what your plans are.  In the end, we want happy residents that stay with us for a long time!  We have a property Upgrade Program for quality Tenants in good standing and may offer discounts at Lease Renewal.


Do you provide appliances with your homes?

We would love to provide appliances to all, but it doesn’t always work that way.  We supply all of our homes with an oven and range, and many homes also have attached dishwashers, vent hoods or microwaves.  All these items require cleaning and maintenance on the part of our residents but we will fix them if there is a problem.  There are times other appliances such as fridges or laundry machines are found in the home, we provide those with pleasure, but in the event of breakage we can’t always replace, so take care of them!  If you want us to buy a new fridge for your home we charge an additional $25 per month on the rent.


What if I have bad credit, can I still rent from Springfield-Property.com?

That’s a good question!  Credit checks are a part of our decision process, but we aren’t one of those companies that have a minimum score.  We understand life can happen, and strive to know the full story.  More important is job history, rental history, solid references, and a feeling that we can form a long lasting relationship based on communication and integrity.  In the end, we do expect rent in-full and on-time, every month.  We do not chase our Tenants to collect rent and late fees are enforced.


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